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Social Media Scheduling Platforms and Analytics

Wednesday 10th July at 10:00 am

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Does thinking about being consistent with your social media for your business stress you out, and you struggle to post at regular intervals? Scheduling might be the answer!

Many businesses use Social Media Scheduling as a way to stay organised and ensure they stay consistent with their social media activity. Scheduling allows you to organise and pre-schedule your social media content so that your business remains active on social media, while you’re busy with the day to day running of your business. 

In this course, you’ll look at the options for Social Media Scheduling on the market right now, from free in-platform scheduling options like Meta Business Suite to paid platforms like Hootsuite and MeetEdgar. You’ll look at pricing, key features and help you to decide which platform might be best for you and your business – and also include a practical tutorial, showing you how the platforms work. 

What You’ll cover: 

  • How can scheduling your social media posts help you, and how does it work? 
  • What are the options out there for scheduling, and how easy is it?  
  • Scheduling posts on Facebook/Instagram with Meta Business Suite 
  • Scheduling posts on LinkedIn 
  • Paid softwares for scheduling, and their features
  • How to use Hootsuite and MeetEdgar

 To complete the course, you’ll finish with a dedicated Q&A session where you can ask an expert social media coach any questions you have about social media scheduling!



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