Globally renowned for manufacturing and engineering

Throughout its history, Luton has been a town of makers. Today, thousands of manufacturing workers play their part in making Luton a recognised centre of excellence for advanced manufacturing and engineering.

Industry profile

Stellantis supports thousands of employees in Luton and is at the heart of a cluster of advanced manufacturing businesses.


Multinational automotive manufacturing super-power, Stellantis is proud of its Luton plant producing commercial vehicles for distribution around the world.

Stellantis supports thousands of employees in Luton and is at the heart of a cluster of advanced manufacturing businesses. 

Luton’s advanced manufacturing and engineering sector: at a glance

A pivotal location for innovation

Its location in the OxCam Arc and the ‘golden triangle’ places Luton at the heart of these two centres and London, provides the ideal backdrop for growth in advanced manufacturing and engineering.

Nearby Oxford and Cambridge, both boast global universities ranked in the top four in the world with Cambridge also home to Europe’s largest technology cluster.

Internationally recognised for its computing research, Luton’s University of Bedfordshire is rapidly becoming a hub of excellence in cyber-security and new health technologies.

Nurturing tomorrow’s growth sectors

In 1905 Vauxhall opened the country’s first large-scale car factory in Luton. Today, the plant is the last remaining light commercial vehicle manufacturer in the UK and its legacy inspires growth of new technologies including innovation in electric vehicles.

Sustainable growth of the airport underpins our economic growth and is a catalyst for our town to become the UK’s home of green technology.

Beyond the airport, the town successfully attracts high-performance technology companies specialising in the design and manufacture of innovative technologies applied to engines, including automotive, aerospace, marine and world-leading research centres.

Pioneering new technology

Luton’s advanced manufacturing and engineering sector builds on our industrial heritage using the latest technologies to establish the town as a global leader.

  • Stephen Blythe, Business Manager
    "Luton has a rich industrial heritage. The quality of production facilities and connectivity, including the airport, provides an ideal infrastructure for manufacturing, whilst the industrial parks and business facilities, along with a wide range of potential suppliers and customers in the region all help provide local solutions."
    Stephen Blythe
    Business Manager, Jaltek

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