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This is a town that’s getting things done

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Enterprising minds are propelling Luton’s success. Come on board and join our community of like minds, homegrown talent and trendsetters.

  • Gordon Brady
    “Luton is a land of opportunity – lots of well paid jobs and not enough people living here to do them. From AstraZeneca and Anritsu to Ahh Geek Out and the Ambala sweet centre, there are some surprising names and companies here.”
    Gordon Brady
    Head of CPD and Short Courses, University of Bedfordshire

See what you can achieve

Entrepreneurs are welcome in Luton.

There’s a reason Luton is in the top three for business start-ups in the country. Our entrepreneurial, can-do spirit is in the fabric of the town: if you can dream it, you must do it.

A global gateway, connected to an economic powerhouse

Luton has excellent transport connections.

Just 22 minutes from Central London, Luton is exceptionally well connected by rail, road and air to the UK and Europe.

Affordable workspace

Find exceptional value with Luton’s commercial space available for rent or sale.

Affordable commercial space offering long-term value less than half an hour from London and under two hours from Geneva, Berlin and Milan.

Thousands of the brightest minds

Luton’s home to thousands of qualified, skilled people.

Luton is one of the UK’s youngest towns and our aspiring students are ready for work. There are 23 million people ready for work living within commutable distance.

Central to an innovation network

Luton has great connections to the globally-renowned university towns of Oxford and Cambridge, linking our industries to research excellence.

Luton is at the heart of a golden triangle of the UK’s top universities in Oxford, Cambridge and London. The University of Bedfordshire’s dedicated STEM facility contributes to innovation in automative engineering, cyber-security and robotics.

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