Naturally creative

Luton has a long history of nurturing creative businesses, stretching back to the seventeenth century when the town became internationally renowned for its hat making trade.

Today, Luton is home to many creative and digital businesses, from film-makers to XR. Luton’s location and transport links help to foster the best transport connected creative cluster in the UK.

Industry profile

Enhancing performance and solving real-world problems through immersive, interactive and intelligent training

I3 Simulations

Enhancing performance and solving real-world problems through immersive, interactive and intelligent training is i3 Simulations unique offer.

The Luton-based organisation specialises in providing cutting edge XR software training for medical industries across the world.

Luton’s creative and digital sector: at a glance

Digital and High Tech acceleration

Luton’s dynamic digital and technology sector is making a significant contribution to the local and UK economy. From computer design and AI to TV and film production, Luton’s digital technology businesses are taking off. As the UK’s best place for superfast broadband coverage, Luton is well placed to accelerate.

Hat district

The factories and warehouses from Luton’s hat-making era are now home to a growing cluster of creative, independent businesses, arts and venues and performance space as part of Luton’s Creative Quarter. With start-up pods and creative workspace, artists and makers are welcome.

Bright future for Luton’s creatives

Over the next four years, more dedicated space will be established for creative practitioners, artists, media companies, makers and designers, further expanding Luton’s creative sector. The hat district is the ideal meeting point for exchange of ideas, cultures and skills.

Cost-effective and connected

With bespoke commercial space, Luton is an affordable alternative to London for small businesses and new ventures in the digital and creative sector. Excellent transport links place the town in easy reach of London, Oxford and Cambridge.

  • Sunil Kumar, CEO
    "We are excited and looking forward to the future in Luton! We acknowledge the outstanding progress Luton has rendered towards being a beacon of development because we are visionary leaders. Our faith in the town's potential is increased by its commitment to promoting a successful business climate and sustainable growth."
    Sunil Kumar
    CEO, Dovelp

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