Business summary

Ryebridge Construction is an award-winning civil engineering company which is wholeheartedly immersed in the Luton community.

Founded in 2009, initially to service the airport, the company may have expanded to enjoy significant success elsewhere in the UK and abroad – including the new Tottenham stadium, Gibraltar Airport and Southampton Port – but it has never lost sight of its roots.
This means Ryebridge is focused on supporting and promoting the town wherever possible, with more than 90% of its site and office staff coming from the immediate area.

“Ryebridge has been based in Luton since its creation in 2009. In that time the company has witnessed many changes and significant developments, but despite this it has never been a more exciting time to invest and work in the town.

The strategic move towards investing in the community by both the local authority and Luton Rising will see exciting opportunities for
businesses and residents alike.

The expansion of the airport, which is already the largest employer and a supply chain hub, will create opportunities like never before.

The development of Barnfield will increase the local skilled workforce creating apprenticeships and the University has plans to develop bespoke industry-based qualifications which will also service people locally.

On top of this we have a Premiership Football Club, a new stadium and a comprehensive vision for the town which has never been seen before.”

Daniel Coyle
Managing Director

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